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New Well Nail Polish 30

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New Well Nail Polish 30 We all want our hands, which are in sight all day long, to be well-groomed and look beautiful. One of the first steps is perfect nails. It makes you happy that your nails are well-groomed,...

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New Well Nail Polish 30

We all want our hands, which are in sight all day long, to be well-groomed and look beautiful. One of the first steps is perfect nails. It makes you happy that your nails are well-groomed, colourful and shiny. The new source of happiness is the New Well Nail Polish series.

New Well Nail Polish has 50 different colours with its special content that provides easy drying and long lasting effect. It protects nails from external factors and prevents breakage. Among different New Well nail polishes, it is easy to find the colour that best suits the season, changing trends and, of course, your taste. With colourful nails, the air will change in a moment. Reflect your nails with New Well nail polish! Glamorous quotes always be with you.

Although having a good and high quality nail polish is the first step for beautiful looking nails, it is important to use the nail polish correctly. So how should you apply the nail polish?

åá Using a layer of transparent protective before applying the nail polish will both provide ease of application and prevent the nail from being stained when removing the nail polish.
åá Be careful to apply the protector more intensively to the nail tips. In this way, the nail polish will remain intact longer.
åá If you have difficulty in applying nail polish and carry it to the cuticles, do not take plenty of nail polish on the brush. You will notice that applying nail polish is easier with these steps. Thanks to the powerful colour pigments of New Well nail polish, it will not be difficult to achieve the result you want in the first ride.
åá Remember that after applying the nail polish you should not keep it in an extremely hot or extremely cold environment. The ideal storage place for nail polish is a drawer or cupboard away from sunlight.




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New Well Nail Polish 30
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