Bowls (26)

        Jumbo Multipurpose Basket

        LBP 85,885

        Frigo Multipurpose Basket

        LBP 40,898

        Clarita Strainer With Bowl 3L

        LBP 22,085

        Viola Round Basin With 2 Lips

        LBP 30,264

        Viola Round Basin With 2 Lips 68cm

        LBP 67,890

        Viola Round Basin With 2 Lips 58cm

        LBP 49,895

        Mia Square Bowl 33ml

        LBP 20,122

        Mia Square Bowl 28ml

        LBP 13,905

        Mia Square Bowl Set Of 3 Pcs

        LBP 44,169

        Mia Square Bowl 24L

        LBP 9,979

        Bowl, Cutting Board & Squeezer 3 In 1

        LBP 49,077

        Bowl, Strainer, Cutting board & Squeezer 4IN1

        LBP 63,800

        Jessy Bowl With Fork & Spoon 4L

        LBP 36,808

        Rebecca Strainer With Bowl 6L

        LBP 26,174

        Karma Strainer With Bowl 5L f

        LBP 29,446

        Claudia Strainer With Bowl 8L

        LBP 57,257

        Claudia Strainer With Cover & Bowl 8L

        LBP 73,616

        Jolly Oval Bowl Set 5 Pcs

        LBP 71,980

        Jolly-J Oval Bowl With Strainer 34cm

        LBP 32,718

        Jolly Oval Bowl 18cm

        LBP 5,726

        Jolly Oval Bowl 24cm

        LBP 9,815

        Jolly Oval Bowl 29cm

        LBP 15,541

        Jolly Oval Bowl 34cm

        LBP 19,631

        Jolly Oval Bowl 41cm

        LBP 27,320

        Jerry Small Bowls Set Of 6pcs

        LBP 28,628

        Jerry Big Bowl 2L

        LBP 14,723
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